What Are The Benefits Of Telemedicine?

Already commonly used in the US and Canadian healthcare markets, this relatively new practice is becoming more mainstream in Singapore as we speak. If you are not familiar, telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through the use of telecommunications technology. When in need of a more convenient healthcare delivery mode, telemedicine acts as a substitute for face-to-face consultations. This is largely due to the increasing access that Singapore residents have to a computer or mobile phone, as well as high-speed internet connections. There is also a higher demand for a quicker means to get medical advice, especially for minor illnesses and emergencies.


Take a look at these five key benefits of telemedicine that is making people’s lives easier when they are able to seek immediate health advice in the comfort of their homes:


Specialists who use telemedicine are also able to respond to certain medical conditions at a faster rate. Check out our FAQ page for the list of conditions that we can help with. Through this platform, your doctor is able to share your health records to a specialist to review. The specialist will then have enough information to familiarise himself or herself with your medical history and lifestyle. From there, he or she will be able to make a diagnosis and advise you on suitable medical treatments or set up an in-person appointment if it is more appropriate.


There are times where you might have queries only after your doctor’s appointment, but it is already too late to ask. Through this convenient medical care tool, you can follow up and get to clarify these questions with your specialist during a telemedicine consultation.


According to Frost & Sullivan, Improving access to healthcare services is the primary reason for telemedicine growth in APAC. Out of the four billion people in Asia, 80 percent of the population is living in rural areas, often without adequate access to education and healthcare. One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine is that the distance barrier between you and your healthcare provider can be overcome and will no longer be an issue for you. Through this platform, instead of spending hours travelling to a clinic and waiting for your appointment, you are able to get answers quickly when you are in need of it. Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations, according to a report by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2015. Telemedicine thus can ensure that patients with diabetes have regular follow-ups with their specialists.


Telemedicine has been shown to save time, money, and even lives, and there are several case studies that prove this to be the case. Telemedicine solutions such as HiDoc bring convenience to patients like you so you can obtain personal health information easily. In Asian cities such as Jakarta, where heavy traffic jams are a real issue, apps such as HiDoc allow patients to also get your medication delivered or arrange to have it picked up from a location near you.


With fewer in-person consultations with your specialist and more virtual visits through the use of telemedicine, you are ultimately able to save money. Telemedicine allows you to be more proactive in managing your own health and in the long run, the need for hospitalization is greatly reduced since you are able to address your health issues quicker in the earlier stages. Nobody likes waiting for hours just for a short fifteen-minute consultation with the doctors. But with telemedicine, not only will you be able to get the latest personal health information, you can get it quickly through applications such as HiDoc.


One disadvantage of general telemedicine is the continuous change of physicians which result in a reduced care continuity. Some physicians are even unable to gain access to the full historical backgrounds of their patients, resulting in inconsistent treatment. But HiDoc overcomes this as it supports healthcare providers to serve the patient’s journey in the long run. Your call records, medical history, and billing information are also kept confidential and secure. With HiDoc, you can expect no one-off, transactional visits as our specialists will serve you long-term.


HiDoc is a platform that will provide telehealth and video conferencing services to patients and give accredited specialists access to patient health records. It will help you connect with experienced Singapore general practitioners and medical specialists easily on your mobile device.

To provide you with holistic medical treatment, HiDoc gives your doctors and specialists a full view of your health records. You can rest assured that you are getting the right advice for your needs.


HiDoc is backed by Singapore Medical Group (SMG), Singapore’s leading private specialist and primary healthcare provider with a network of practitioners over more than 20 medical specialties. In addition, all doctors and specialists on HiDoc are registered with the Singapore Medical Council. They hold doctoral degrees in medicine and have undergone post-doctoral training as required to be registered as a doctor in Singapore. If you are in need of some medical advice now, you can get started by downloading your HiDoc app.

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