The Quicklist of What It Means When Your Liver Hurts

This month, HiDoc Pulse celebrates the body’s hardest-worker: the liver. We show you the many ways you can recalibrate your life, through diet and lifestyle choices that promote optimal liver function.

As your body’s second-largest organ (after the skin), the liver supports nearly every other organ in some capacity. When it is functioning well, you never hear from it. So if it starts to cause you pain — see a doctor. Right now. Download our app to experience specialist healthcare with the ease of a phone call.

Many times, the pain may be dull and nonspecific. It can also be so severe that it causes a backache. Some people experience it as a pain in the right shoulder or kidneys, although most report liver pain in the upper right area of the abdomen, just below the ribs. It may also be confused with a pain from the stomach, which lies to its left.

Yes, your liver is paining you. More than likely, it’s serious. While there could be any number of causes for your pains — genetic disorders, weariness, binge drinking, a high-fat diet, cirrhosis, liver disease, et — the reality is that symptoms of liver disorders do not often appear until their advanced stages.

Most commonly, a liver in pain is the result of ascites (fluid in the abdomen), cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver failure, enlarged liver, liver abscess or a tumour. Because the liver with such a complex organ, you’d need an accurate medical diagnosis, which calls for blood tests, ultrasounds or biopsies.

Neglect treatment for too long, and it may stop functioning. Liver pain may be caused by many liver diseases and other organ conditions, some of which can lead to liver damage. So seek immediate medical treatment if you experience any of the following:

· Severe pain in the abdomen

· Dark urine

· Fever

· Pale, bloody or tar-coloured stool

· Nausea and vomiting

· Weight loss

· Yellowish skin

· Severe tenderness when touching the abdomen

· Swelling in the abdomen or in the legs and ankles

· Itchy skin

· Chronic fatigue

· Loss of appetite

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