Would you like to join the roster of experienced and qualified Singapore medical specialists and
healthcare providers in HiDoc?

Register your interest by emailing us at, or call us directly
at +65 6887 5000.


Are HiDoc working hours flexible?
Yes, we can work out the right schedule for you on HiDoc.
Are teleconsultations secure?

HiDoc is a secure messaging platform that encrypts text, image, and video messaging with patients. HiDoc’s teleconsultations and question-based asynchronous visits are HIPAA-compliant and under Singapore regulatory guidelines.

Calling a patient online is impersonal.

Telemedicine encourages shy or wary patients to build trust in your practice through an initial consultation. Patients should visit a clinic for any necessary follow-ups.

Can I ask my nurse or staff to manage my bookings?

Absolutely, we can give him/her necessary rights to edit your agenda. We will also give them training on how to use the HiDoc app.

Can I get my existing patients on HiDoc?

Yes, definitely. You can ask your patients to sign up on HiDoc for free. They can select your profile to book a teleconsultation with you.

Can I use HiDoc anywhere, regardless of my location?

Yes, you just need to make sure you are in Singapore and that you just need to make sure that you have an enclosed environment, a good internet connection and a decent sound equipment.

Can I use the HiDoc app right after the registration?

Yes, you can use the HiDoc app immediately after the successful sign up process and proper training from HiDoc team.

Do you provide support after the doctor sign up with you?

Our HiDoc Customer Support team will be available for support by sending an email to or you may call us directly at +65 6887 5000 at all times to answer any of your questions and concerns.

How can HiDoc benefit my patients?
  • FASTER, CLOSER TREATMENT: HiDoc reduces clinic queues. Reach patients who may be anywhere over video chat, and send prescriptions directly for local pick-up. Distance is no longer an issue.
  • SERVING PATIENTS, LONG-TERM: HiDoc supports healthcare providers to serve the patient’s journey in the long run. No more one-off, transactional visits.
  • HOLISTIC, SECURE CARE: Access patients’ call records, medical history, and billing information — all kept securely. Gain a full view of patients’ health. Give patients the assurance of fast, trusted payment channels.
  • TRANSPARENCY AND ASSURANCE: Offer patients the assurance of a list of accredited medical specialists to attend to their medical concerns as well as enjoying the assurance of fixed rates before GST.
How can HiDoc benefit your practice?
  • MORE PATIENT APPOINTMENTS: Patients often don’t want to wait at your clinic. Where appropriate, staff can direct them to your virtual HiDoc waiting room. With teleconsultation, you can better serve elderly patients, less mobile patients, or regular patients who are abroad.

NOTE: As telemedicine is not suitable for all doctor visits, do inform your staff about which visits are best for     telemedicine, and which visits are better in person.

  • MORE TIME FOR YOUR TEAM: Reduce demand on your front desk and assistants. Free them up to improve daily clinic operations.
  • FEWER INFECTIONS, SHORTER QUEUES: Remote doctor visits indirectly reduce patient and staff exposure to communicable diseases. Focus on providing a quality service environment for those who need in-person care.
  • REACH MORE REGIONAL PATIENTS: Local, international, or expatriate patients in any country can access HiDoc’s accredited Singapore practitioners. Join HiDoc’s network of private Singapore healthcare providers across 20+ specialties.
How much do I need to pay to be on HiDoc?

There’re no subscription fees. HiDoc offers this platform to all the specialists 100% free of charge.

I am a specialist doctor. How can I join HiDoc?

All specialists are very much welcome to join HiDoc. If you want to join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us for an assessment.

Is Telemedicine too expensive for my practice?

HiDoc helps your practice generate additional revenue from new patients after working hours, without needing additional rented space.

What is HiDoc Teleconsult?
  • A patient centric digital platform that connects patients to Singapore accredited medical specialists in providing a complete virtual healthcare services from virtual consultation to e shops for purchasing health and wellness products.
  • HiDoc Teleconsultation is recommended for follow-ups review and 2nd opinion as the first touch point is advised to be face to face.
What is the application process like?

We will send you the registration form, fill-up the necessary details and send it back to us. Once we receive your application, we will setup your account on HiDoc and we will schedule a live demo with you and your staff to understand better how the HiDoc app works.

Will Telemedicine be time-consuming?

HiDoc lets you see more patients during your clinic’s downtime, or when in-person patients cancel. You choose when to be available on HiDoc. Patients will save on travel and waiting time.


Will very few patients use telemedicine? It is too new.

The Licensing Experimentation and Adaptation Programme (LEAP) is a regulatory sandbox initiative in Singapore, launched in 2018 by Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Lam Pin Min. Under LEAP, telemedicine services by medical practitioners are being launched in Singapore. Be a pioneer and reach a wider pool of online patients.


Am I allowed to issue medical certificate to the patient after the teleconsultation?

Yes, you can provide a Medical Certification (MC) from HiDoc app but the issuance of MC is subject to your discretion.

Am I allowed to issue referral letter from doctors on HiDoc after the teleconsultation?

Yes, the doctors can provide Referral Letters from HiDoc app but that the issuance of referral letter is subject to your discretion.


What are the preparations needed before the start of the teleconsultation?

We listed down some tips for a successful Telemedicine visits

  • FILL IN YOUR DOCTOR BIO AND PHOTO: Complete your profile and list conditions you treat to capture the attention of patients with specific needs.
  • SET UP YOUR TELEMEDICINE WORKSPACE: Set up your camera at eye level and check your internet speed and room lighting. Ensure minimal noise, a clean area where calls cannot be overheard, and a plain wall instead of a window behind you.
  • DO A DRY RUN VIDEO CALL: Call a colleague who can provide feedback on call quality before your first teleconsultation.
  • READ THROUGH THE PATIENT’S REQUEST: Peruse any HiDoc patient medical records available before the teleconsultation begins.
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE PATIENT: Speak clearly and use a positive tone of voice, posture, expressions, and other non-verbal cues to express empathy and care.
  • FOLLOW THE SAME CLINICAL GUIDELINES YOU USE FOR FACE-TO-FACE VISITS: Teleconsultation patients do seek the quality of care you normally provide. HiDoc appointments, clinical notes, and referral letters should still be recorded on your clinic’s patient information system.
  • AT THE END OF EACH CALL, EXPLAIN THE NEXT STEPS: Remind the patient of their prescription pick-up, referrals, and/or follow-up appointments.
What kind of technical setup do I need to use for HiDoc Teleconsultation?
  • If you are using HiDoc via Web browser:
  • You should have a good internet connection. We advise to use a Wifi, but our videos are also good on 4G connections.
  • You have to make sure that you have a good speakers or headphones, and a microphone on your device.
  • You need to give necessary permissions to HiDoc to use the camera and microphone.
    • If you are using HiDoc via mobile device:
  • You need to download our app on iOS or Android.
  • You should have a good internet connection. We advise to use a Wifi, but our videos are also good on 4G connections.
  • You need to give necessary permissions to HiDoc to use the camera, microphone and send you notifications.
What should I do if I get disconnected during the teleconsultation?

If you’re having any technical issue while using the app, please contact immediately our HiDoc Customer Support team at +65 6887 5000 and we will assist you further.

When can I use HiDoc Teleconsultation?
  • You may use it anytime at your convenience, the HiDoc Teleconsultation platform is available 24/7.
  • Please be reminded that HiDoc Teleconsultation is only recommended for follow-up reviews and 2nd opinion as the first touch point is advised to be face to face.