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As the coronavirus disease (formally known as COVID-19) prompts the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare the outbreak a global emergency, there’s no better time to stay calm — but be wise.

That includes adopting sensible hygiene habits — washing your hands with soap for two rounds of the Happy Birthday song, or at least using hand sanitisers — but also minimising the risk of transmission. The Singapore Medical Association (SMA), in fact, recently encouraged doctors to conduct remote consultation so their patients don’t wind up in an enclosed waiting area with other people who are ill. Its circular noted that teleconsultations have “been identified as a possible method to manage patients in the community during infectious disease outbreaks and to prevent further spread of disease.” * source: SMA Circular (12–02–2020): Leveraging on Telemedicine during an Infectious Disease Outbreak

HiDoc, an online platform in Singapore that provides specialist services and prescription fulfilment, has in fact seen a rise in numbers taking advantage of booking appointments with our group of doctors. To manage ongoing health conditions, users are taking a different approach to “seeing” their specialists. To offer alternatives to patients, healthcare professionals too, have been connecting to use our service.

The advantages are clear. Virtual consultations save you time — while minimising the risk. Remote healthcare means you can book an appointment digitally, and activate a session with your healthcare professional. Speak with your doctor from the comfort of your home or office — you can even pay for your session without ever having to touch a dollar bill.

They’re aligned with medical recommendations. Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) circulated a directive on February 12, 2020 to public hospitals to focus on essential services — such as the treatment of emergency cases and coronavirus cases — and progressively defer non-urgent treatments and appointments. Patients seeking alternatives, including pregnant women, the elderly and children, can channel their appointments to teleconsultation sessions to see to their needs.

“Our platform caters to people who require diverse options for their health concerns,” says Dr Christina Low, HiDoc’s CEO. “HiDoc connects patients with the right clinicians and allied health providers.”

“With teleconsultations, people no longer have to travel long distances just to receive help, or be vulnerable in clinic waiting rooms. It’s no longer about doctors making house calls, but someone calling from his or her house.”

As an indication of its increasing relevance, the global telemedicine industry is projected to at least triple in valuation to US$148 billion by 2025, even as Deloitte expects global health care spending to slow (in 2019, it was 3.2%, down from 5.2% in 2018).

[NB. Singapore is the only country in Asia with regulated telehealth guidelines and HiDoc operates in accordance with clinical and data governance set by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH).]

Don’t wait. Start using HiDoc. It’s just good practice these days.


Simply download the HiDoc app on your electronic device and you can gain access to medical care that is specialised and targeted to your needs. Once you have created an account on the HiDoc app and have signed in from any electronic device with an Internet connection, you’ll see this screen.

Next, select who you would like to consult from our list of accredited health providers:

Before the teleconsultation, you’ll be able to review the charges. Finding out upfront what the consultation fees are (including GST) before you proceed with your HiDoc appointment gives you peace of mind for the teleconsultation ahead.

From there, you’re good to go! See your selected clinician for expert healthcare advice, prescriptions and schedule follow-up appointments, where needed.

NB. If you ever experience increasingly severe signs and symptoms of health issues, consult with a HiDoc specialist immediately or reach out to the HiDoc care team at Use the HiDoc app to order a Wellness Package for a comprehensive report, and book a follow-up teleconsultation for a specialist review — all on your mobile device. Sign up to HiDoc Pulse to stay in touch with health information that empowers, strengthens and inspires.

Medical Disclaimer: Content on HiDoc Pulse, including text, images, audio, or any other formats not specified here, is provided only for general informational purposes and not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for, professional medical advice. Do not use information found on HiDoc Pulse for diagnosing or treating medical or health conditions of any kind. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem or condition that needs to be addressed, please contact your professional healthcare provider.


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