3 Ways Teleconsultations Help Patients Manage Chronic Diseases

With just their smartphone, patients can access healthcare remotely, without risking a trip to the clinic.

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The “new normal” brought on by Covid-19 pandemic has upended the normal routine of going to the doctor’s whenever a cold or fever strikes. Going for an in-person consultation now carries a whole host of health risks.

It is understandable that people with vulnerable immune systems — due to their chronic disease — don’t wish to further compromise their health by venturing out of their homes to see their doctor. But not going for regular check-ups brings its own set of risks, as the chronic disease may worsen and bring further harm.

To manage ongoing health conditions, patients can take a different approach to “see” their specialists. HiDoc is an online platform in Singapore that provides specialist services and prescription fulfillment. It provides an accessible channel that is increasingly being used by patients to virtually consult with their specialists. In fact, there has been a 60% increase in teleconsultations on HiDoc’s platform ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

1. Teleconsultations provide access to specialized care

Patients with chronic diseases can have their follow-ups — to monitor their health and adjust their medication dosage — done through their smartphones. Through HiDoc’s platform, patients enjoy better access to specialized care, without needing to step out of the safety of their home.

2. Teleconsultations help keep chronic health conditions in check

For people dealing with a chronic disease, not having regular check-ups with their doctor could result in their health condition worsening. Doctors usually prescribe several medicines to manage their patients’ chronic diseases. It is important that the dosages and combination of medicines are regularly reviewed. Teleconsultations enable patients to have such vital reviews with their doctors, no matter where they are.

Beyond receiving qualified medical advice, patients who are able to see their doctor when the need arises also take care of their mental health. Chronic diseases often have a depression element that arises from the patient having to bear the health burden and resenting the unfairness of it. The simple yet vital act of checking in on how the patient is doing holistically forms a key part of the doctor’s chronic disease management.

3. Teleconsultations aid in the discovery of emerging diseases

Chronic diseases may surface new symptoms that, if lucky, prove to be insignificant but it is risky to simply brush it off as part of the process of living with the illness. The new symptom could indicate that the patient’s health condition is worsening or be the first sign of a different chronic disease.

Teleconsultations enable patients to receive needed medical care in a timely fashion. Using just their smartphones, patients can teleconsult with their doctor about the new symptom, who can then determine the appropriate next steps to take to safeguard the patient’s health.

Adapting to the “new normal” with teleconsultations

The Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges that the world has ever faced. But there are new solutions to help patients continue to live full lives, even in the age of social-distancing.

Globally, the pandemic has triggered a sharp uptake of teleconsultations, especially in Indonesia, India and across European countries. In Singapore, MOH recommends that “where possible, services that are suitable for tele-consultation should be delivered remotely” during and after the circuit breaker period.

Teleconsultations have and will continue to be hugely beneficial for anyone who needs to consult with their doctor, and especially for those grappling with chronic diseases. Patients do not have to suffer alone, not when their doctor is just a teleconsult away.

NB. If you ever experience increasingly severe signs and symptoms of health issues, consult with a HiDoc specialist immediately or reach out to the HiDoc care team at enquiry@hidoc.sg.

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